Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Cold water bass fishing to the science

Cold water bass fishing is prime time for big bass. Most people don't fish during the cold periods of the year but little do they know the big ones are lurking.

First things first: find the bait, find the fish. During the cold months the bass follow the bait for easy meals. To paraphrase Louie Stout from, bass will follow a bait fish away from shallow areas and into deeper water, toward the middle of a lake. Fish are suspended anywhere from 15 to 40 foot from the surface to the bottom of a lake during the cold months. According to Greg Hackney, also at, "What you want are flat areas in deep water." The bass will be there and willing to bite. That is why they follow bait fish; they have to eat.    

Bass are like any other animal, they need food to survive. They actually group up in this deeper water and work together to eat. According to the blog: Karl's Bait and Tackle, "...even in this cold-water fish still have to feed." With all those fish working together, it creates big schools, and with big schools come big fish.    

A bass will seldom pass up an easy meal. Slow everything down move like the fish are, slow and lethargic. In Mike Hodge's article he states, "As the winter water temperature increases, a fish’s metabolism increases. Decreasing water temperature makes fish lethargic. To compensate, make accurate casts and slow down." Use slow moving baits that will present the fish with a good opportunity to bite.                                                                                                                                              

Most people Just go in the summer because of the fact that bass are more aggressive in the summer. But during the summer all those little fish bite before the big bass can get it. While in the summer time everything is biting and your chances of catching are high but the winter time brings opportunities for big fish.                                                  

There are many different ways to fish in the summer time, throwing different lures. But along with all those approaches come picky fish, not wanting to chase certain colors and baits. In the winter the bass aren't as picky.                                                                      

Get some clothes on and get out there the big fish are lurking just slow everything down and get on some fish. Don't let the summer time bite hang you up cause that one big one is ready to be caught. 

Monday, March 4, 2019


  In my English class at the Shelby county area technology center we are devising a project to learn survival skills and how to do them. I chose building shelters because i feel like without a shelter you are sitting duck.
  I made the decision to focus on shelters because they keep you out of the weather and within 3 hours in harsh cold you could die without one. It also keeps you in the safe away from predators and anything else that may want dinner. Also your gonna need some sleep when trying to survive or you'll go crazy.
  I did some research on shelters and have gotten some new information. One that i was reading was showing different shelters you can make in different environments because your not always gonna have trees and resources sometimes you have to improvise. Another one i read was talking specifically on snow shelters like igloos you have to be careful because for one it can collapse and two you can run out of oxygen.
The last article i read was talking more along the lines on the shelter is there to keep the weather off you its still going to be cold your gonna need a fire at the mouth of the shelter.
  I intend to go out into my 600 acre farm and make some shelters and practice the skills that i read over in the articles. My expectations for this project is for me to be able to craft my own shelters and show others the ways to do it.
Ill be posting another blog here soon to follow up on how the shelter buildings going, stay tuned.

Friday, February 15, 2019

lord of the flies

Me and my fellow English class mates have been reading the book lord of the flies. This book is about a bunch of boys who crash on a deserted island. Every boy is around 12 and younger. The boys must survive on this island until rescue arrives. Ralph takes over the group of boys trying to tame everyone and keep them alive. Mean while some of the others are beginning to stray from Ralph's word. Savagery begins to take over and it becomes survival of the fittest.

 A theme that really stuck out to me was civilization or savagery. The conflict of being alone with no adult, showed the boys true colors. For example at the start of the book Jack try's to kill a pig but his innocence holds him back he can't do it. Then about middle way in the book Roger throws a rock at a young boy while civilization doesn't allow him to hit the kid. Then later into the book with no parental vision they begin to stray more and more and start to be almost like cave men. They start to think there may be a beast on the island and Simon believes the beast is just inside them. Then later on when savagery is almost at a peak and the beast is nipping at their heels they kill Simon with their bare hands thinking he's the beast coming from the jungle. This all shows that when they landed it was sunshine and daisy's but with no one there to tell you no your the only one able of stopping yourself.

A second theme I saw was self interest over community. This also goes along with no parental supervision and being alone. At the start Ralph calls everyone to the beach with a conch shell all the boys gather around and vote on a leader. Everyone begins to work as a community voting on Ralph as a leader getting groups together. Hunters, shelter builders, littluns to get fruit, everyone works as a team. But as time goes on everyone begins to do what they think is best for them. Jack and his group of hunters do nothing but hunt while Ralph builds shelters and the littluns basically are fending for themselves. Then later in the book Jack splits his ways from Ralph creating his on group and steals what he doesn't have from Ralph.

Both of these themes go along with the conflict of no parental supervision and being alone. The loss of civilization goes along with self interest. The more savagery set in the more they did away with community. When no ones looking and its a fight to survive its a kill of be killed mentality. That is what Golding set this book to be, when faced with conflict with no one watching humans relate back to primitive ways. Do whatever is necessary to survive and that is what the boys did.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Article 4

   I have talked briefly in the past articles about how we revised the prototype into the final design after getting feedback. Making the prototype into it's study finished form from wood, screws and glue. We had to move the rod up so it didn't look like our guy was taking a leak. Moving the rod up meant moving the light down so it would throw a proper shadow and meet our clients needs. 
Here are two images the left image is our finished product and the right image is our shadow from the finished product. The block on the back is the motor, in the middle of the boat that block is the consul. The stick in the front is a man casting his line in the water. We used a piece of plywood to represent the water and by screwing a piece of wood on top it looked like a boat on water. This is exactly what we had envisioned as a group it looks like junk but once the light is shown a boat magically appears. I believe our product was spot on we had plenty of time to build we got everything done and every time we got new feedback we edited.
On the night of exhibition we setup our art work everything was dark and people were anxious to see our art. We put a light on the blocks of wood and then came the oos and aas. Lot's of people were wondering before the light had appeared what was that block of wood setting there. But after the light was shown everyone knew what we had designed.
We got lot's of compliments on our art work and everyone knew what we designed. Therefore it met our expectations and our clients. I liked this project a lot because we got to work together as a group to design what we wanted and show others what we can create.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Article 3 blog post

In my last blog post I talked briefly about some feedback we received from some fellow class mates.

Classmates provided my group and I with tons of feedback and it really helped us shape a final product. Some feedback that we received from the class was that the bottle tab that was envisioned to be a hat actually looked more like a pony tail. This helped us in our final product because we knew not to use the bottle tab, and use a object that doesn't have holes in it. After all the feedback and good thinking we started on the final product using the feedback to shape the shadow art to look more like what we wanted.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Article 2 blog post

In my last post, I explained how in my English class we are making shadow art. Since then, my teammates and I have created a prototype.

My group and I received feedback from our classmates, Gus and Flip. They said that our prototype casts a very good shadow and that the only thing we needed to do was build the finished product. I was expecting this type of feedback because our prototype was well thought out and designed very well. It was exactly what we wanted: a pile of junk to the naked eye, but a boat with a fisherman after a light was shined on it. 

Their feedback was very helpful to me and my group because we went from that point and started designing a sturdier finished product. However, building the prototype was not a cake walk; it was very hard trying to make junk into a boat out of limited supplies. We began with a cardboard background knowing we needed some water for the boat. Next we laid a prism-like piece of Styrofoam on the cardboard so it looked like the hull of a boat sitting on the top of the water. Using clay and sticks we made a motor and console, as you can see in the images below. Then we took sticks and a tab from a soda can to make a man sitting on a boat casting his line out. It took us about three days to design and build the prototype. I learned that if you don't sketch and design then you're going to be lost when the building begins. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Article 1 blog post

In my English class we are trying to figure out how can we create original shadow art for an installation and exhibition at the Shelby County Area Technology Center to help explain to the audience that their perception shapes their umwelt. Umwelt is your personal reality. My group and I are designing a shadow art project that with the naked eye will look like a pile of junk which would be your reality, but once the shadow is cast it will look like a boat with a fisherman on it.

My group and I, being the fishermen that we are, want to form an angler on a boat casting his line into the water. The biggest challenge will be getting our art to look completely different than a boat.